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For me, everything is connected on a deeper level, and in my paintings, I superpose images from authentic nature, and symbols from science, texts and mythology.

Isn't this the way we experience our reality? The past meets the future, in an always-changing magic world, a multidimensional world.

I want my paintings to be openings towards freedom, curiosity and discover the hidden patterns and the beauty around us.

When I am in my studio, I follow my inner guidance and I try to create what wants to unfold. It is a process when I am working fast on many paintings, playing with the unknown taking form on the canvas.

I start to "activate" the canvas and I create my paintings from the inside out, using very thin papers that I glow on top of each other, every paper with its drawings and prints.

I also paint and print directly on the canvas using many layers of transparency.

It is for me a way to create depth, hiding certain images and letting others be seen on the surface. 

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