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  Fascinated by the creative process unfolding through me, and by the beauty and the complexity of the world, I want my art to transmit the magic to others...

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Artworks are for me important tools to inspire others to see more beauty and magic in the world and perhaps also feel more freedom and inner peace. 

There are so much beauty and meaning in the world around us that we often can't see and everything is connected on a deeper level... 

I often, thanks to my silkscreen prints, superpose authentic images from nature, with images from old cultures, drawings, texts and geometrical symbols more or less hidden in the painting, using layers and layers of transparent paper together with transparent paint.

To create is an ongoing adventure, moving into more and more freedom and never knowing what wants to unfold on the canvas...I often feel like a tool just following my intuition guiding me further using colours and forms, symbols and texts.

After my art school in Stockholm (Konstfack), I moved to Paris to at ENSAD learn the technique of silkscreen and etching. I had an exchange program at COOPER UNION in NY with mostly painting.

I found out that silkscreen in combination with painting gave huge possibilities to transmit and combine different images. 

Passionate about paper, I first at Lessebo in Sweden started to mix my prints inside the paper pulp during the process and then in Japan, out in the countryside at Fujimori Papermill, Shikoku, I learned the Japanese paper-making technique and as an invited artist, I realized my own artworks there.

settled down in the south of France where today I have two studios, one for painting and one for printing. This is my creative paradise! 

Here I developed my own technique in printing on thin papers that I then glowed, layers on layer on my canvas to create depth and transparency. Every paper with its messages, that I could hide more or less inside. This I then combined with printing directly on the canvas, adding painting and drawings, and in a free way just creating patterns in different ways.

I have had many art shows in Stockholm (my home town) at the gallery ÖVERKIKAREN.

I also have a lot of collaboration with Japan, a country I love and feel very close to, with exhibitions at SEMBIKIYA GALLERY in Tokyo, KAEDE GALLERY, Osaka and ARTISLONG GALLERY in Kyoto. With my Japanese agency, my art was chosen to create objects for a larger public (cloths with my art, glass works, ceramics and stationary)

In Sweden, I did art decorations for different companies with my paintings and prints on different materials and a permanent wall art installation at IVA, The Royal Academy of Science in Stockholm, to show the beauty in Science. 

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