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Fascinated by the creative process unfolding through me, 
and by the beauty and the complexity of the world,  I want
my art to transmit the magic I see around me, to others...

IMG_7040 2.jpg

Art is fluidity. Art is to go beyond logic. Art is created from the heart when the mind is silent. Therefore has art the capacity to reach another reality beyond the veil, a world of magic.
I want my art to nourish your souls and add inner beauty and poetry to your daily lives. 

Art that is created in a flow of creativity in connection to something higher, can reach the invisible field of beauty that we are all part of and activate it inside you. 
I mix my abstract paintings with symbols and images printed in silkscreen or painted on Japanese papers, I then create my images in layers, to create a multidimensional art, that as our world, connects the past and the future with memories, thoughts and dreams.


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